GREK 102 – SPRING 2020

Although recorded with the students of UNC’s Spring 2020 GREK 102 class in mind, these videos are made publicly available to anyone who may be learning Greek with Athenaze, (3rd edition), edited by Maurice Balme, Gilbert Lawall, and James Morwood, published by Oxford University Press

In these videos I both introduce new material, and work through several examples from the textbook.

Chapter 25
Exercise 25a: Optatives expressing wish
Lesson 25a2: The Potential Optative
Exercise 25β, 1–5 only: Potential Optatives Exercises
Exercise 25ε, 1–5 only: Primary into Secondary Sequence Conversions
Exercise 25θ, 1–6 only: Identifying Tricky Optative Forms
Lesson 25β1: Optative Mood in Indirect Statements
Exercise 25ι, 1–5 only:  Optatives in Indirect Discourse in Secondary Sequence

Chapter 26
Lesson 26α1: Conditional Overview (via YouTube, b/c of technical glitch)
Exercise 26α: Conditions, Greek-to-English Only (with Identification of “type”)
Exercise 26β: Greek-to-English, English-to-Greek Conditional
Lesson 26β2: Adverbial Uses of the Accusative
Lesson 26β3: Accusative Absolute
Exercise 26γ: Adverbial uses of the Accusative
Lesson 26β4: Verbal Adjectives in -τέος
Exercise 26δ: Selections from Plato’s Republic

Lesson 27α1–2: Introducing the Perfect System
Lesson 27α3: Middle/Passive Perfects across moods
Exercises 27β(1–4)–γ(1–3): Present into Perfect/Pluperfect
Exercise 27δ(1–5): Sentences featuring the Perfect System
Lesson 27β5: Perfect Reduplication and Augment
Lesson 27β9: Perfective Stems Ending in Consonants
Lesson 27β9, con’td: Perfective Consonantal Stems in liquids/nasals
Exercise 27δ(1–5): Sentences featuring the Perfect System
Exercise 27ι(1–3): Converting to pluperfect
Exercise 27κ(1-5): Sentences using the Perfective System


Lesson 28α1-3: Perfective System in the Active Voice, “First Perfect”
Lesson 28a5: Pluperfect: Indicative Only
Lesson 28a7: 2nd Perfect/Pluperfect Active
Exercise 28γ1–6: Transforming Present into Perfect (Active)
Exercise 28δ1–3: Transforming Present into Pluperfect (Active)
Lesson 28β8: Verbs found most Commonly in Perfect/Pluperfect
Exercise28η1–4: Sentences with Verbs most commonly found in Perfect/Pluperfect
Lesson28β9: Morphology of οἶδα
Exercise28θ1–4: οἶδα in context


I have recorded lessons to accompany Cynthia Shelmerdine’s Introduction to Greek (Focus Press) in a sporadic and somewhat desultory fashion. However, Chapters 31–34 (for many, the end of the year-long sequence) are rather fully covered.

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